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Freaks Twiddle Sticks

What is a ‘Twiddle Stick’ you may ask? Well for all those people who just can’t stop twiddling with anything that comes to hand, these are for you.

One of the earliest products Freaks Unlimited ever produced (back in the depths of time when you were knee high to a grasshopper....etc.), was the Freaks Twiddle Stick. A narrow tube with weighted knobs at each end, with a decorative grip.

 Twiddle sticks are perfect for hand manipulation, twirling, twiddling and flourishing and can also be used for swinging and even as majorettes batons. They are ideal for practising with but can also be used for performance routines. Perfect for indoor use, even for twiddling whilst you sit and watch TV....

We now produce an advanced range of Twiddle Sticks in different sizes and even a Fire Twiddle Stick.

More Details Soon

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