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The Freaks Standard Fire Eater Stick was the original fire eating stick, this was the first ever commercially produced fire eater. The Freaks fire eater stick is a proven design that has been used by performers world-wide (since 1994). No other fire eater stick has such an excellent track record of proven use in the demanding world of professional fire performance.


Freaks Standard Fire Eater Stick
Freaks Standard Fire Eater Stick in use Freaks Standard Fire Eater Sticks

The Freaks Standard Fire Eater Stick was designed especially for fire eating and fire on the body (fakir). The fire resistant wick is purpose made to a small size that will fit easily into the mouth whilst still giving large flames. The unique design reduces the chances of being burnt by avoiding the use of metal parts where possible (because metal stores heat and gets very hot and is the usual cause of burns when fire eating)..

Every competitor product now on the market (except for the numerous imitations of our design), is built using a bare metal rod which will cause burns when the metal is touched - they look good but they're not good to use.

The Freaks Standard Fire Eater Stick has a unique design that avoids using a metal rod and yet is reasonably long lasting. They are built using a carefully selected hardwood dowel, which is protected with a double wrapped aluminium covering. Deeply buried power staples are used rather than screws to fix the wick (which prevents burns from protruding screw heads). They are not as durable as metal fire eater sticks but they are significantly safer to use than most other fire eater sticks - (the only exception being the newly launched ultimate fire eater stick, the Freaks Flourish Stick which utilises CoolTouch technology).

If used carefully, and for relatively short periods at a time, the Freaks Standard Fire Eater Stick will often last for many months before needing replacing. If you use two fire eater sticks so that they can be used alternately without the need to keep either one alight for too long, then they may last even longer.

All our fire eater sticks come supplied with a free information leaflet (with advice about fuels etc.) and are packed inside a hygienic sealed bag.


 Freaks Standard Fire Eater Stick






 68 grams


 390 mm (39 cm)

Packed Weight:

 110 grams

NOTE: These fire eaters are NOT for juggling with. They can be used for fire breathing but it is recommended that they are kept out of the direct path of the ‘blown’ flame. They should never be thrown and should be replaced if they become worn or damaged.

DISCLAIMER: You use this fire eating stick at your own risk, we do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for damage or injury however so caused by direct or indirect use of this fire eating stick. You are very strongly advised to receive proper tuition from a professional or at least a good book, before attempting to fire eat. Not for sale to persons under 16 years old. All fire skills are very dangerous and we do not offer any endorsement or recommendation of any kind for any activities using fire. We do NOT recommend fire-breathing as this has serious health risks from fuel contamination.

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