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Special Offers

The last 10 Freaks Acrobat clubs ever made, with ProperRods inside.


The Freaks Acrobat juggling clubs have been out of production for over 12 years. When we closed our final retail shop and old workshop we made ten more Acrobat clubs and put them into safe storage. These were custom made with heavy duty 18mm ProperRods (rather than standard 16mm ProperRods). They have UV blue vinyl wrap type handles and top quality high density foam knobs and heads. Bare bodies ready to be decorated if required.

This is your last chance to accquire a set of these famous clubs - the first ever juggling clubs to feature a non-wooden (and non-breaking) dowel. First come first served, only 10 available. Please note that we will only sell the last 3 clubs as a set (i.e.we won’t allow a partial sale which leaves us with just 1 or 2 clubs). They can be decorated with a variety of colours or effects at a small extra cost.

Only 18.00 each.

SORRY! these are now sold out!

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