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Kevlar Products

We stock a variety of Kevlar products including a range of Kevlar sewing threads, Kevlar gloves, Kevlar protection sleeves,
SFE Kevlar fire wick and Kevlar woven fabric.

Kevlar fabric rolls - Freaks Unlimited juggling equipment Kevlar wick - Freaks Unlimited juggling equipment

Kevlar is a para-aramid fibre made by Du Pont which has remarkable properties. Kevlar, in one form or another, is used in thousands of diverse products and industries. Kevlar is extremely tough, the spun thread is 5 times stronger than steel thread, it does not melt, it is self-extinguishing, it is flame resistant and it will withstand temperatures up to 425 C continuously. Kevlar is used in safety protection clothing where heat and flame resistance or cut and slash protection is required. Kevlar is commonly used in bullet proof and stab proof armour / clothing.

Kevlar Sewing Threads

Kevlar thread has numerous specialist applications including: Sewing of heat and blast furnace protection wear, fire-fighter clothing, racing car driver clothing, personal protection equipment such as cut and ballistic protection - used in cut protection gloves and bullet-proof vests etc. It also has many uses in the media and entertainment sectors where fire is used e.g. fire-juggling equipment etc. See more.

Kevlar Gloves and Sleeves

We supply a range of Kevlar gloves and Kevlar arm protection sleeves which are ideal for jugglers and performers who want to help protect themselves from burns and cuts, especially when practicing new tricks with fire or knives and swords etc. Kevlar gloves are essential equipment for juggling with fire ballsSee more.

Freaks SFE Kevlar Wick

Freaks SFE Kevlar fire wick. Spare replacement wicks for your fire equipment - or to build your own with. Our unique manufacturing process produces a tightly woven and dense wick with a folded, pressed and sewn edge which is significantly more durable than standard Kevlar wick, with excellent fuel retention. See more.

Kevlar Woven Fabric

We supply specialist (and very hard to obtain) kevlar fabric or ‘blanket’. This very heavy weave fabric (655g/m2) is pure Kevlar and is used to make racing car driver fireproof clothing etc. It is perfect for specialist fire performance applications and props as well as building your own unique fire equipment.

Kevlar high temperature sewing thread - Freaks Unlimited juggling equipment
Kevlar gloves & Kevlar sleeves - Freaks Unlimited juggling equipment
Kevlar fire equipment wick - Freaks Unlimited juggling equipment
Kevlar fabric sheet / rolls - Freaks Unlimited juggling equipment

Please note that Kevlar reacts with UV light which will decrease its strength over time (but not its fire / temperature resistance). It is estimated that 50 to 60 weeks of exposure will result in a loss of strength of up to 50%. Kevlar fibres should therefore be protected against UV-rays (e.g. prolonged exposure to strong sunlight). We supply our Kevlar products in sealed black bags, where feasible, to ensure they are in pristine condition when you receive them.

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