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The Freaks Flourish Stick is something completely new, and so versatile that you won’t want to put it down. The Flourish Stick is the most advanced fire eater stick ever produced. It’s also a well balanced mini fire manipulation stick, as well as functioning perfectly as a mini fire swinging torch. You can combine lots of different skills into a spectacular flourish with just one stick!

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The Freaks Flourish Stick has been built using some very advanced materials, including our new ‘CoolTouch’ sleeve technology. The Flourish Stick is constructed around a rugged aluminium tube with lathe turned knurled ends. At one end a tough smooth plastic swinging knob is thermally fixed (with a pull off force in excess of 40kg).

The body of the Freaks Flourish Stick is fully enclosed with our new seamless grip. This is flame retardant and is also a thermal insulator which helps prevent the aluminium tube from getting hot - and therefore allows the Flourish Stick to be handled along most of the entire length of the stick (for ‘Twiddling’). The grip has a lovely ‘feel’ - it’s not slippery and it’s not too grippy either, there are no bumps or ridges, as usually found with wrapped grips, so there’s nothing to interfere with your manipulation. These are a delight to use and the grip is much easier to clean too!

The Freaks Flourish Stick is completely different to every other metal fire eater stick because there is no exposed metal tube. We have utilised space age technology to keep the neck of the fire eater as cool as possible when touched (e.g. with lips / tongue etc.). Our ‘CoolTouch’ sleeve will withstand naked flames and very high temperatures without ill effect, it is also impervious to fuels (so it won’t act like a wick by soaking up fuel which would otherwise cause problems when fire eating). It also has incredible thermal insulation properties which we have utilised by extending the ‘CoolTouch’ sleeve right under the wick as well as on the neck - this means that the aluminium tube stays surprisingly cool even at the wick end and therefore prevents hot metal burns. And for a finishing touch there is a silicone fuel seal inside the aluminium tube.

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As a fire performer you will no doubt already know that it’s hot metal that causes most burns when eating fire. After Freaks Unlimited launched the first ever commercially produced fire eater stick, there were a number of copies and imitations from competitors around the world, including metal fire eaters with exposed metal necks ~ which can cause nasty burns. The Freaks Flourish Stick is the first ever metal fire eater stick which incorporates our ‘CoolTouch’ technology and does not have an exposed metal neck. We believe that the Flourish Stick is the safest metal fire eater available because it is significantly less likely to cause hot metal burns. Combined with its amazing versatility there is no doubt that the Freaks Flourish Stick is the best fire eater stick available anywhere.

The Freaks Flourish Stick makes a great mini fire swinging torch too, especially when used in pairs. Twiddling with two flourish sticks at the same time is also very impressive, and the small size makes doing two a lot easier.

The Freaks Flourish Stick has a SFE Kevlar wick which is attached using very low profile rivets; these are sunk below the profile of the wick and pose only a very minimal risk of ever being touched (unlike protruding screws etc.). The size of the wick is also very slightly narrower than the wick on our Standard Fire Eater Stick, this is because over the years we have been listening to you, and what many of you have told us is that you’d prefer a slightly narrower wick on a fire eater (this sort of goes against our grain because we generally try and be as generous as possible with wick...), but in this instance we think you were right.

The wick has an impressive burn time and surprisingly large flames despite the small wick. The Freaks Flourish Sticks are tough and well made and should stand up to considerable careful use, but like all fire equipment, if you treat them well they will last much longer. They are very convenient and small enough to easily take out and about with you.


 Freaks Flourish Stick


 Red, Yellow, Black, White, Blue, Purple




 86 grams


 487 mm (48.7 cm)

Packed Weight:

 210 grams

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NOTE: These Flourish Sticks are NOT for juggling with. They can be used for fire breathing but it is recommended that they are kept out of the direct path of the ‘blown’ flame. They should never be thrown and should be replaced if they become worn or damaged. It is possible to replace wicks if eventually needed but you will need a hand rivet gun and a drill (to remove old rivets), and the fuel seal will also be removed as a result.

DISCLAIMER: You use this fire equipment entirely at your own risk, we do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for damage or injury however so caused by direct or indirect use of this fire eating stick. You are very strongly advised to receive proper tuition from a professional or at least a good book, before attempting to fire eat. Not for sale to persons under 16 years of age. All fire skills are very dangerous and we do not offer any endorsement or recommendation of any kind for any activities using fire. We do NOT recommend fire-breathing as this has serious health risks from fuel contamination.

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