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Freaks Cyclone Fire Staff

Freaks Cyclone Fire Staff

The Freaks Cyclone Fire Staff is a professional medium size staff. They are well suited to all staff tricks and still just short enough for doing two staffs at the same time. 19mm Anodised body. One piece seamless grip. 100mm wide wicks. Length 126 cm.

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Will I Be Able to Use a Fire Staff?

Fire Staffs offer a virtually limitless range of possible tricks, they are extremely versatile and impressive, and compared to some fire equipment they are relatively safe to use (if you are careful). In addition they are also surprisingly easy to learn and use - the basic tricks can be learnt in next to no time (maybe an hour or even less). The harder tricks will take much more practice, but the entry level is low and the learning curve is fairly easy, so the answer is probably yes, you will be able to use a fire staff!

Which Fuel Should be Used For Fire Staffs?

Fire Staffs are for outdoor use only. There are very few exceptional circumstances where a fire staff would be used indoors (on stage during performances is probably the only exception). Therefore, unless performing onstage, smoke is not an issue, so Paraffin (Kerosene) is the cheapest and most popular fuel. Cleaner fuels can be used, like lamp oil (a kind of purified paraffin) which will produce less smoke and soot and so will make your equipment easier to clean, but it costs more.

As with all fire equipment it is important that you avoid over-fuelling the wicks and prevent fuel from running down the shaft onto the grip. This can be done by dipping one wick only, then shaking off excess fuel with repeated ‘swishes’ (swipes or flicks) of the wick towards the ground. Then, and only then, you can dip the other wick and repeat the process.
Failure to do this can result in burning fuel flying through the air and starting fires (or burning your audience).

If you do get fuel on the shaft or grip of your staff you should wipe it off with a slightly damp cloth immediately. If you get fuel on your hands or clothes - DON’T light your equipment! Instead, change your clothes and wash fuel off your skin immediately.

DISCLAIMER: You use all Freaks fire equipment entirely at your own risk, we do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for damage or injury however so caused by direct or indirect use of this fire equipment. You are very strongly advised to receive proper tuition from a professional or at least a good book, before attempting any fire skills. Not for sale to persons under 16 years of age. All fire skills are very dangerous and we do not offer any endorsement or recommendation of any kind for any activities using fire. We especially do NOT recommend fire-breathing as this has unavoidable serious health risks from fuel contamination.

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