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Fire eating - Freaks Unlimited juggling equipment
Freaks Unlimited juggling and fire equipment

Manufacturers of top quality juggling and fire equipment since 1988. Producers of the first ever production fire eaters and fire staffs and inventors of the original ProperRod for juggling clubs and fire torches... and much more

Freaks Unlimited juggling and fire equipment

We never compromise on quality, Freaks Unlimited’s products are made to the highest standards of usability and durability using some of the most advanced materials available. Our products have always been innovative and often years ahead of the field. Our juggling and fire products are produced in tightly controlled quantities so that every item is beautifully finished and built to last.

The New Freaks Product Range is now ready for limited release.

Introducing the new Freaks juggling and fire equipment range. We have combined some of the best aspects of traditional design with modern materials and new technology, and produced our most advanced range ever. Our juggling and fire equipment range includes many ground-breaking innovations and improvements that confirm our commitment to quality and durability.

Freaks Unlimited’s products are made in fairly small quantities in our new UK workshop. Some items are very labour intensive to produce and are therefore made in restricted quantities only. We will be updating our site on a regular basis over the coming weeks as we add our new range.

Freaks Fire staff being used

Fire Staffs

Freaks Unlimited Fire Juggling Balls

Fire Juggling Balls

Firestorm fire juggling club - Freaks Unlimited juggling equipment

Fire Juggling clubs

Freaks AirSword juggling knives

Juggling Knives

UV blacklight bulb

UV Lights & Bulbs

kevlar products - Freaks Unlimited juggling equipment

Kevlar Products

Fire eater sticks, Flourish fire eating wand - Freaks Unlimited juggling equipment

Fire Eater Sticks

kevlar sewing threads - Freaks Unlimited juggling equipment

Kevlar Sewing Threads



”KeepThings Simple, Design for Usability and Build for Endurance”.

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